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Shorter Stays in a SNF Tied to Higher Risk for Hospital Readmission

New York University (NYU) School of Medicine researchers says that high hospital readmission rates indicate that many elderly patients with heart failure may be sent home too soon from skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The recent study shows that the risk of hospital readmission among patients with heart failure discharged home after staying at a SNF is high—almost…

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High-Intensity Interval Training Helps Patients in Cardiac Rehab

An increasing number of programs to strengthen the heart after a heart attack are offering high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a popular exercise routine that alternates intense bursts of activity with short recovery periods to rapidly enhance exercise performance, in their cardiac rehab programs. Recent research findings show significant benefits of using HIIT over a more…

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Too Much Sitting Without Physical Activity May Be Harmful 

Sitting may be hazardous to your cardiac health. For less active adults, the amount of time you spend sitting may be associated with an increased risk of death. But increasing your physical activity to recommended levels may eliminate this risk in some, according to a recent study published in the annual cardiovascular health promotion issue…

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