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Health News

Meadowbrook Care Center: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Rehab

You may find yourself in the position of having to choose between your being discharged to your home or to Meadowbrook Care Center, a rehabilitation facility, to recover after accident, illness, or medical procedure.   Research tells us that you recover faster and have better medical outcomes when put in a facility that focuses on rehab.…

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Choosing Your Rehabilitation Facility

After being hospitalized for an illness or after surgery we hope to go home to convalesce. But if your recovery is slow you may find yourself being admitted to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or rehabilitation facility. Make sure you take the time to plan ahead for your discharge arrangements when a surgery is planned,…

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Report Calls for Best Practices for Conducting Cognitive Assessments

Last Month, the Chicago-based Alzheimer’s Association releases its 2019   Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figure. Since 2007, this report has become the most recognized and valued source of information on an array of Alzheimer’s issues for state and government policy makers, health care providers and caregivers.  Like previous years, the 2019 Alzheimer’s Facts and Figures report…

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